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Chamaree Silva Duping Delight

Published on 18th June 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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The injury was quite painful but because I had had a Heart Attack and a Transient Ischaemic Attack and had a substance like Rohypnol in my blood at the time, I had little idea about the severity of that which had actually happened until I saw the MRI and then weeks later when my memory returned.

20151026 MRI 01

The intervertebral discs in the cervical spine between C4-C5, and particularly between C5-C6 were dislocated and impacted upon part of my spinal cord – note how it is blurred and indistinct, though distinct at around C7.

Unless I have missed something (and I tend not to) was it simply not easier for EDS to just f^#k off and stop his ridiculous fraud before I got killed or paralysed? Actually the primary fraud was spoliation of evidence, and the primary objective was murder so probably not 🙂

20151201 Chamaree Silva Duping Delight over Grabbing JDS’ Neck

Chamaree Silva is a NASTY NECK GRABBER:-

Around the beginning of November 2015 EDS and PDS were leaving Sri Lanka. Silva escorted them out of the house as I was upstairs. The next thing I heard was Silva banging on the front door loudly. When I opened it she barged me out of the way and then went to her room and started packing her belongings.

Silva told me that EDS has threatened her saying that if she put any more thoughts into my head that he would kill her. I have no idea whether it was true or not because many Sri Lankans are two-faced and extremely good with matters of a theatrical nature.

When I was trying to find out what had happened from her, Silva pushed me violently and grabbed me in a neck lock and managed to break the olecranon process of my left arm.

Surgical Therapy

Olecranon fractures can be complex injuries presenting the treating physician with a wide array of surgical and non-surgical options. A successful functional outcome after olecranon fractures correlates directly with accuracy of anatomic joint...

Unfortunately, I did not have muscular strength in my upper body (because of the neck injury) and Silva has very broad well developed musculature in her shoulders.

As strength was not available for me, I said to her ‘If you do that again then I will f*** Adi and get many men to come and f*** him too’ – it was a psychological attack and caused Silva to immediately release her grip on me.

I then managed to wrestle her and pinned her against the wall. I think I said something along the lines of ‘I can break your arm in one go as well, even though I could not because of the C4-C5, C5-C6 neck injury 🙂

As such my apparent ‘threatening’ of Silva and was in fact self-defence despite the Melbourne Fraudsters merrily using this as ‘evidence’ that I have a problem, describing the incident and replacing the word Silva with Cunniffe in another perjurious affidavit / Lawyer’s Construct in the judicial proceedings of the Supreme Court of Victoria,..

Duping Delight

Duping delight is a term coined by Dr. Paul Eckman. He says, “duping delight is the pleasure a person gets over having someone else in their control and being able to manipulate them”.

The psychopath does feel powerful when she lies. The lies are her source of power to manipulate another person’s reality. I propose however, that the delight a psychopath feels is from playing the game because her boredom is temporarily relieved. The game always involves lies and deception in the pursuit of some objective and it focuses her like a predator focused on its prey. This focus gives her pleasure. It’s the thrill of the chase that makes her feel alive.

Dr. Eckman’s research centered on face and body language. It’s my understanding that his description of “duper’s delight” was related to his observation of a fleeting smile, a “micro-expression” that appeared on some liar’s faces as they were attempting to manipulate another with lies. To Dr. Eckman, this expression seemed inappropriate for the situation.

We’ve all known people who laugh when they’re nervous. Perhaps the laughing is “bypassed anxiety” similar to the “bypassed shame” of narcissism. The psychopath’s game, when the stakes are raised, might induce her to smile or laugh to relieve the unacknowledged stress.

It’s possible that these micro-expressions may be a fleeting, bypassed nervous reaction in the psychopath as the game ramps up. That would fit with their tendency to bypass emotions.

On the other hand, Silva goes from raging mad and abusive to suddenly bursting out laughing and grinning from ear to ear because she believed she had deceived everyone – not me obviously. It was one of the most demonic expressions I had ever seen 🙂

Whilst I merely refer to ‘a case in Australia’ Silva responds with the name of Margaret Cunniffe who is one of the Melbourne Fraudsters of course! They are involved with the Psychiatric Facility Fraud as well as the Data Exfiltration too:-

More confirmation of the Melbourne Fraudsters and even Ray Callingham and his HMRC Antics:-

Forensic evidence makes all this far too easy, and as usual IT IS ACTUALLY I THAT IS RIGHT!


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM