Auditory and Visual Hallucinations – Definitely Schizophrenia


Auditory and Visual Hallucinations - Definitely Schizophrenia (±x)

Published on 5th October 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

Following on from other articles in the CHIS series:-

DSM-5 - What are Hallucinations

WebMD explains the different types of hallucinations, including hearing voices, visual hallucinations, and smelling an odor that isn't there...

Auditory ‘Hallucinations’ according to EDS The Fraud Psychiatrist

The ‘hallucinations’ are actually forensic evidence which confirms cellular interception, UK News of the World Style 🙂

20151215 124000

An EXTREMELY RARE example of an IMSI Catcher Failure – I was having a phone call with Dr Daljit Gill MBA PhD on 15 December 2015, two days before 12/17.

Daljit is another UK Citizen who was also ripped off by Margaret Cunniffe and/or David Brown) Using the words ‘breakdown’ and ‘psychological’ keeps the listeners interested as I had already identified the fraud of Edward de Saram (“EDS”) from the former’s first visit and his dim gas-lighting techniques and psychological games 🙂

As can be heard Daljit call segments repeat twice, and towards the start of the segment is in relation to my serious neck injuries from the Staged Accident – ‘I saw your pictures.. they look pretty awful mate’.

I wanted to keep the call going for as long as possible as part of my forensic investigation but at the same time did not want too much time connected to a portable [fake] base transceiver station which could turn the phone into a brick at any time!

Even on the call recording when Daljit says he has ‘seen my pictures and they looked pretty awful’ for the third time, I state “oh wow, I think you said that before” 🙂 before I quickly dropped the call and backed up the data.

Interestingly this recording was wiped from my storage devices (mysteriously and of course how blissfully convenient) though I managed to recover it after about 100 hours at the start of 2016. I find it incredible that forensic evidential data is continually wiped and/or stolen, but items such as a gold rolex watch are not taken.

Clearly Sri Lankans are not the driving force behind this operation, although ShitLankansTM are involved as ‘Boobs on the Ground’ 🙂

20151215 124000 Excerpt 01

20151215 124000 Excerpt 02

20151215 124000 Excerpt 03

20151215 124000 Daljit Gill Full Call

As can be seen I was certainly not intimidated by the Call Interception – it was merely irritating, obvious and whenever I mentioned it people said I was either (a) imagining something or (b) lying or (c) had schizophrenia – that old chestnut!

When Daljit tried to call back there was no answer – my communications are continually being jammed, with a view to making me ‘appear evasive’ – more lies from my adversaries.

I actually sent the recording as an e-mail to EDS and PDS who were in the UK at the time, though I noted that there was absolutely no interest from either of them when I told them. I thought that their behaviour was bizarre at the time.

In fact their behaviour had been odd from when Ray Callingham got involved from July 2015 as well as after this subsequent trip and his HMRC form.

20160615 153600

This is another recording in which part of the recipient Steve Harris‘ call segment is repeated. Additionally one of the repeated segments appears to be voice synthesized as it sounds nothing like Steven’s natural speech 🙂

20160615 153600 Excerpt 01

20160615 153600 Excerpt 02

20160615 153600 Steve Harris Full Call

Visual ‘Hallucinations’ according to EDS The Fraud Psychiatrist

As can be confirmed irrefutably, EDS knew that third parties had unauthorised access to my house but deliberately misled my lawyer Rienzie Arseculeratne:-

Always on His Mind - Fraud By Omission

Background As part of the 12/17 Fraud Edward de Saram (“EDS”) went around making disparaging remarks to all and sundry in order to fabricate a position that did not exist, and one which he would subsequently rely upon....

and then EDS used EDS’ fraudulent diagnosis to ‘confirm’ that I was imagining things.


However notwithstanding that another lawyer went to my house and he himself saw that parties had taken over my house during the exact period that I was unlawfully incarcerated in the psychiatric facility:-

Destruction of Evidence and Perversion of the Course of Justice

20171006 UPDATE – FORENSIC EVIDENCE CONFIRMING THIRD PARTIES Notwithstanding the FACT that parties had OBVIOUSLY entered my house, and had stolen evidentiary materials, defences and counterclaims, one-time pads and extremely valuable patents, I was labelled as having hallucinations

20151220 201040

Aravinda confirms third parties in my house – according to EDS presumably Aravinda is hallucinating as well!!

And this video shows a third party’s CLOTHES in my house!!

This article CONFIRMS that IMSI-catchers were being used, were vehicle mounted, and were making a nuisance of themselves. So when I stated I was being followed I was quite right!!

How My Recovery's Coming HMRC

20170503 INITIAL I have been scanning drive surfaces continuously for nearly 500 days solid. It is an extremely laborious process and the main issues are drives overheating, and a massive concomitant reduction in speed...




Rey Callingham, a UK accountant was involved in the HMRC form fraud:-

How My Recovery's Coming HMRC

20170503 INITIAL I have been scanning drive surfaces continuously for nearly 500 days solid. It is an extremely laborious process and the main issues are drives overheating, and a massive concomitant reduction in speed...

so his calls were continually intercepted – “Hostile Service Area: Changing LAC”:-

and my UK lawyers who were advising on this matter had their calls intercepted too, which was a blatant abuse of process via an attack on Legal Professional Privilege, as well:-

 Drug-Induced Hallucinations

I was NOT hallucinating as the forensics above demonstrates, but what is interesting is that drugs could have easily induced hallucinations, as is a well-known fact:-

Visual Hallucinations: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment

Many drugs are labeled as hallucinogens because they alter perceptions,48 although true hallucinations are perceptions in the absence of any actual stimulus. Hallucinogenic drugs (including mescaline, psilocybin, and lysergic acid diethylamide [LSD]) are agonists of serotonin 5-HT2A receptors; they do not always produce true hallucinations unless they are used at high doses. The effects also depend to some degree on the mood of the user and the situation in which the drug is used. Other drugs often considered to be hallucinogenic include phencyclidine (PCP), ecstasy, atropine, and dopamine agonists.

Aripiprazole Worsens Psychosis: A Case Report

Aripiprazole is a second-generation antipsychotic medication with a unique mechanism of action. It acts as a functional antagonist or functional agonist at dopamine and serotonin receptors, depending upon the level of the relevant neurotransmitter in the immediate environment, and for this reason, it is known as a dopamine-serotonin system stabilizer.1 Due to the partial-agonist D2 receptor activity of aripiprazole, it has been suggested to worsen psychosis.2

We report a case in which the unique mechanism of action of aripiprazole probably contributed to relapse of psychotic symptoms.

DEADLY - Sudden Cardiac Arrest triggered by Aripiprazol (Abilify)

Summary Sudden cardiac death is found among people who take Abilify, especially for people who are female, 20-29 old , have been taking the drug for < 1 month. This review analyzes which people have Sudden cardiac death with Abilify. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 54,344 people who have side effects when taking Abilify from FDA , and is updated regularly.

And we all know EDS procured Abilify (Aripiprazole) and brought it to my house:-

20151213 223040

EDS – “Newton, today we went to see some doctor, who gave some kind of medicine, Abilify, then I gave it to Joe who said he would consider it and take it. [The doctor] was the Director of Ungoda [Psychiatric Facility] – that’s it for now, I’m going to sleep – don’t call me. Bye”

And we all know EDS poisoned me with it and it completely disorientated me, and my erection confirmed the fact:-

Die Hard – My Erection Saved My Life

Whilst my adversaries call me a dick, I do ‘rise to the occasion’ during investigations so perhaps there is an element of truth – ha ha! As I wrote in this article, EDS and PDS had turned up to Sri Lanka and started poisoning me, with a view to faking the symptoms of schizophrenia:- Following on from other articles in the CHIS series:-


EDS, Newton Ranasinghe (“NXR”) and their donkey pals have run a spectacular Psychiatric Fraud to remove me from my house unlawfully to allow unauthorised access, and to prevent me challenging any legitimate processes legally.

And if that was not bad enough, it was in fact



I am sure my peers in the AU Australian Signals Directorate (“ASD”), UK Government Communications Headquarters (“GCHQ”) and US Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) understand the significance of my articles and videos… The videos provide a rare glimpse of what happens when a Military / Law Enforcement Operation is run against someone who actually has significant tactical Military and Law Enforcement experience. In future check my background properly…

and EDS and his merry band of shitheads had decided to


– it is

* * SO OBVIOUS * *

I can’t wait to be told that I imagined all of the above 🙂


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM