Extrajudicial Psychiatric Detention

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Extrajudicial Psychiatric Detention (±x)

Published on 21st September 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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Extrajudicial detention covers a wide range of situations in which the physical freedom of an individual is constrained or abridged by authority outside what is generally considered an open and legitimate trial process. As well as detention proper, this may also include extrajudicial capital punishment.

Definition of extrajudicial

  1. a : not forming a valid part of regular legal proceedings – an extrajudicial investigation
  2. b : delivered without legal authority – the judge’s extrajudicial statements
  3. c : done in contravention of due process of law an extrajudicial execution

Governments and nongovernmental organizations have a range of criteria for detention; see Related Articles for specifics. They usually have different rules for citizens and noncitizens on their own territory. On home soil, they may use national security, police, medical and a variety of other criteria. Some will apprehend citizens or noncitizens outside their territory, either bringing them back or sending them to third countries under extraordinary rendition.

There is no strict rule that states this must be a governmental or quasi-governmental activity, rather than, for example, a neighborhood detaining a drug dealer, but the principle in the Convention against Torture is that torture, in the context of international law, is governmental.

Extrajudicial does not equate to illegal, as customary international law has long provided for specific circumstances in which a trial process may not be practical or applicable, including such offenses considered hostis humani generis such as piracy in international waters. The laws of land warfare have accepted as legal, but not civilian judicial, secret and summary handling of “spies” by military law, using a term of art referring to a participant in conflict who conceals his status. 

Political Psychiatry

However this article is NOT about me, although

the modus operandi and signature themes are IDENTICAL

it relates to Frederic Laroche and was published on 18 July 2017 by Ramola D at


Signature Themes

I think it is fairly obvious – Psychotronic Weapons (DEWs), fake accidents, bogus injury claims by a woman, unlawful imprisonment, insurance company as the main driver, drugs which cause paralysis, military theme, ‘restricted patient’, paranoid schizophrenia, harassment started in 1998, lack of belief by third parties, apparent inability to distinguish between real and imaginary, reframing of narrative [to become false], political activism, suspect in a crime, lawyers do not want to assist, information is not disclosed to the victim but everyone else seems to know about it, psychiatrists and police choosing to ignore forensic evidence, apparent ‘fixed delusions’, drugs such as risperidone, quetiapine, loxapine, aripiprazole, olanzapine, victim apparently reads things on the internet and then incorporates them into this experiences, blatant poisoning, electronic surveillance, multiple parties with a hidden agenda…

Watch this compilation of excerpts, and you will know what I am talking about. I am still writing this article…

20170718 Frederic Laroche 01 Intro

20170718 Frederic Laroche 02 Declaration

20170718 Frederic Laroche 03 Suppression of Evidence

20170718 Frederic Laroche 04 Fake Evidence Unhelpful Lawyer

20170718 Frederic Laroche 05 Refusal to Believe

20170718 Frederic Laroche 06 False Narrative re Woman

20170718 Frederic Laroche 07 Heavy Involvement of Insurance Company

20170718 Frederic Laroche 08 A Dangerous Person Who Can't Be Trusted

20170718 Frederic Laroche 09 Multiple Parties Investigation

20170718 Frederic Laroche 10 Restricted Patient

20170718 Frederic Laroche 11 Trauma

20170718 Frederic Laroche 12 Restricted Patient 2

20170718 Frederic Laroche 13 Psychiatrist's Incorrect Analysis

20170718 Frederic Laroche 14 Nice Room

20170718 Frederic Laroche 15 Fixed Delusion Technique

20170718 Frederic Laroche 16 Drug Induced Paralysis

20170718 Frederic Laroche 17 Act Normal Even After Poisoning

20170718 Frederic Laroche 18 Drugs Lesser of Two Evils

20170718 Frederic Laroche 19 Long Stay Psychiatric Conditioning

20170718 Frederic Laroche 20 External Influence Delusion

20170718 Frederic Laroche 21 More Drugs

20170718 Frederic Laroche 22 Forced Medication

20170718 Frederic Laroche 23 Psychiatrists Playing God Medieval Torture

20170718 Frederic Laroche 24 Inability Get Legal Representation

20170718 Frederic Laroche 25 Conclusion of Interview 01

The following text was written by Ramola D:-

“Is France, like the United States of America, like Switzerland, like Belgium, like Germany, like Poland, like Canada, like Australia, like New Zealand, and numerous other countries of Europe, North America, Asia, and other continents, now practicing totalitarian State repression KGB and Cheka-style with the use of political psychiatry?

It would appear so, if Frederic Laroche‘s experience is anything to go by. A talented and experienced software engineer with a background in teaching high school science, Frederic Laroche has worked for several years as a human rights activist on the behalf of French residents who have in recent years fallen prey to the same kinds of programs running wild in all the no-longer-democratic or now-only-superficially democratic countries mentioned above—organized stalking, covert assault with directed-energy weapons or DEWs (also called psychotronic, electronic, non-lethal, or microwave weapons), and non-consensual enrollment in neuro-experimentation programs—trademark evidence of covert extrajudicial surveillance and experimentation by globally-operative Intelligence agencies working hand in glove with national Security agencies, military units, and local police and governments.

These are manifestations of the global surveillance state run apparently by Bilderberger central bankers & technocrats, secret-society cultists, Freemasons, Satanists, Paperclip Nazis, Zionists, operatives from the Vatican/City of London/Washington, DC as a global shadow operation ensconced inside the governments of countries, which the Mainstream Media mouthpieces for the CIA and MI5/MI6 and Mossad in the US and UK and Europe have proved openly now they will not dare to report.

But will indeed bolster and conceal apparently with distortions, lies, omissions, and elisions in reportage; the New York Times, for instance, distinguished itself with such faulty and flagrantly deceptive reportage in recent times, as also did the oddly Satanically-named outfit, The Daily Beast, both seeking to discredit the reporting victims and witnesses of 21st-Century covert assault with EMF Spectrum/Neuro-weapons and organized stalkinga group inclusive of highly-educated and accomplished researchers, whistleblowers, and activists.

Such media deception relies on the offices of that old State tool, Psychiatry, and perhaps we should not marvel at the fact that one government propaganda tool relies on the concealing bulwark of another—indeed, one historically used to support Terror operations run by governments and Secret Services such as the Cheka (Secret Police) in the Soviet Union and the Stasi in East Germany.

Railroaded by French Intelligence and State Psychiatry

In April 2017, Frederic Laroche sent informative letters to French government members covering the realities of extrajudicial targeting with EMF/Neuro -weapons in France. He enclosed supportive information from Dr. Katherine Horton, ex-CERN physicist and founder of the Joint Investigation Team, an international team of experts exploring the wrongful use of DEWs and military neurotech on civilians worldwide.

Shortly after, in May 2017, he was wrongfully detained by local police in Grenoble, France on the basis of a trumped-up charge of assault of a pedestrian with his automobile, after what appears to have been an entrapment operation run on him on May 2, 2017 by actors working for the French Intelligence services.

He was then remanded by order of the town Mayor, judge, and Prefet (the Police Commissioner) to a local psychiatric institution where he was forcibly dosed with very high quantities of an anti-psychotic, which caused him to experience intensive back, spine, and neck paralysis, inability to breathe, and near-comatose blankness of mind.

Because he demanded that this drug be stopped, the dosage was reduced; the attending physician informed him “We cannot give you nothing.” His continued stay at this facility was curtailed only on the assessment of the attending psychiatrist, who has “let him go” on the condition that he return every month until September for a mega-dose of another anti-psychotic, intended to sustain his physiology for the period of a whole month at a time.

This drug, he reports, muddies his concentration and focus, blanks his initiative, degrades his cognitive processes, dampens his mood, and renders him inactive. The reason for this drug? To quell his “delusions,” according to the either-ignorant or -complicit psychiatrist, who wishes, apparently, to convince Frederic that electromagnetic weapons and French Intelligence chicanery do not exist—an unfortunate delusion she perhaps is trapped in, that is, if she is not overtly colluding with French Intelligence herself.

This story, part of which Frederic introduced the world to recently on the Techno Crime Fighters Forum Episode 16, was detailed in greater depth in this conversation (link below) on my inaugural edition of Ramola D Reports, a podcast series I envision as running in tandem with my ongoing print reportage here on The Everyday Concerned Citizen, and with ongoing Real Talk True Media and Techno Crime Fighter Forum podcasts.

To hear the full story highlighting the drugs prescribed and the entire entrapment operation, and to understand how Psychiatry is being used here as a tool for political repression, please listen and share widely.

Neuro-Mapped and Neuro-Experimented on at Hewlett-Packard: From DEW Assaults to Assassination Attempts

In Part 2 of his narrative (linked below), Frederic details the history of his targeting and surveillance, starting at his parents’ home in suburban Grenoble in 1998 when he noticed he was being followed, and then being hit with strange abdominal and other pains which seemed to coincide consistently with the at-home presence of a neighbor.

Putting his scientific background, logical thinking and sleuthing skills to good use, he embarked on a process of careful observation and inquiry which revealed to him the nature of the stalking, surveillance, and eventual neuro-experimentation he realized he was being subjected to as he worked in different jobs in Grenoble and across France, being hit with DEWs everywhere he went.

In an open work-floor space at Hewlett-Packard, he learned (from various sources, including a manager, in addition to his own eyewitness and personal encounters) that the strange group of newcomers in the adjoining rows who seemed intent on his every word, phrase, emotion, and action comprised French and American Intelligence agents engaged in neuro-mapping, and that their primary subject was himself.

On Bastille Day one year, watching the city fireworks, he overheard one of his stalkers say to another “He will leave with this memory of the fireworks.” Later that night, he suffered an electromagnetic beam attack to his brain, which felt, he said, like brain-death; forced to wake out of medicated slumber, he learned that moving his head and body helped him to escape the beam, in what he records now as a distinct assassination attempt.

In an unexpectedly dramatic conversation which follows his subsequent departure to Istanbul, Turkey, and a tragically repeated experience there of stalking and DEW assault at a camp ground, culminating in a despairing attempt to take his own life–as a logical response, he says, to the endless, unstoppable stalking and DEW/Neuro assaults he was being subjected to all over France and even across borders–Frederic details how he was actually stopped in this attempt and assisted back to recovery by his very stalkers, to whom, apparently, his life and continued availability for DEW assault and neuro-experimentation meant something.

Please stay tuned for Part 3, which will follow Frederic to India as he tried once more to escape the deathly DEW assaults and nonstop stalking and surveillance unleashed on him, and Part 4, as he returned to France and engaged in public education and human rights activism in attempts to alert the world of the ongoing specter of global surveillance, neuro-experimentation, and mass mind control currently unleashed to varying degrees on all of us.

If you have advice or information that may be of use to Frederic Laroche in this time, please leave a comment below or email me, I will pass on the information. Please help support Frederic’s medical expenses with a donation. Visit Frederic’s French website, http://NotreTortureEstReelle.com, or his partially translated-to-English website, http://OurTortureIsReal.com for more information.

As readers may be aware, these experiences of directed-energy weapons and neurotechnology assault are not isolated to France or a single French civilian but being reported worldwide by citizens in almost every country of the world, and are being documented and reported on an ongoing basis at this news/media site and blog, as also by many other activists worldwide.

A joint Memorandum to Trump sent earlier this year detailed how domestic programs of torture are being run in the United States and globally under cover of “Surveillance.” An international call to G20 leaders from Poland’s Stopzet and several international human rights groups just a few weeks ago sought a ban on psychotronic weapons.”

Interesting isn’t it?


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM