Gaslighting and Data Exfiltration v10

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Gaslighting and Data Exfiltration

Gaslighting and Data Exfiltration v10 (±x)

Published on 18th December 2016

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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This photo was taken on 04 December 2015, during the time that Edward de Saram was playing his sad gaslighting games and telling me that there was no-one coming into the house, despite copious evidence to the contrary.

I have mentioned Staged Crime Scenes for [FAKE] Probable Cause and this is a good example of Investigator Clowns being over-zealous in their sick desires to frame me. As can be seen a crate has been staged, with the insertion of a Crown Removals folder, with various GST forms and various materials.

I do not arrange paperwork in this way, and any fool can see that the first group of clowns have gone in to plant / arrange items, and the second group would have been told to ‘look for the crown’.

This entire farce is Sad and Funny at the same time – unfortunately because of my knowledge of Law Enforcement protocols, I knew that Edward de Saram was facilitating quite a spectacular fraud from about 01 December 2015. It is so easy to demonstrate Criminal Intent because he has such a big mouth and in fact called people to tell them about his scheming!

And I love the way people have deleted this image off our systems, but I love the way I have recovered it, a lot more 🙂


Dr (Mrs) Dulmini Jayasundara is one of the most irritating condescending baboons that I have ever met. As anyone can listen from these recordings there are significant errors in her medical knowledge which I was more than happy to point out.

According to her (which is completely wrong) drinking 3 litres of water per day causes hyponatraemia. How could I run legal cases or design schematics if I was feeling dizzy. This is just another fraud and she is alleging self-harm. Excuse me? My mind is incredibly alert when fools here are not trying to impress their foreign overlords, even with the heart issues! The UK/AU people are primarily responsible for this fraud.

All that has happened is Edward de Saram is looking at the symptoms of Schizophrenia and telling her that I have polydipsia – utter nonsense. I have low blood pressure, been brought up in the UK where the climate is cold, and I sweat a lot in Sri Lanka. When I sweat (computer environments are warm) I drink between 2 and 3 litres of water.

6 litres in the recognised figure for too much water –

So apparently me drinking between 2 and 3 litres of water is self-harm is it? Is this really an amazing reason to Unlawfully Imprison me in Psychiatric Facility?

The whole Schizophrenia lie of Edward de Saram is described here:-

There was no point giving that baboon an explanation about Edward de Saram’s Criminal Fraud re psychotropic medication because in Sri Lanka the parents are always right, and whoever gets in first with their story is believed – that is a cognitive deficit known as Arbitrary Inference (“AI”). It seems that simple explanations are more factually correct that the actual factual explanation which is complex, and AI is where people form conclusions based on insufficient evidence.

And according to her simply because I do not like my parents who are a pair of Sad Abusive Fraudsters, that means I am paranoid.

Even when I specifically asked her on what basis she is making her assessment, she is unable to answer – apart from citing my ‘notes’ which of course Edward de Saram dictated. That is all he does, gets his lies in early and presents them in a plausible way. Classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

When I ask her to look at Forensic Evidence she is not interested – she simply repeats her flawed conclusions ad nauseum and I am actually astonished that I remained so calm!!

When I explained to her that I have evidentiary materials and a business to run she could not care less. The whole point of me staying in the hospital is so that people could go through my evidentiary materials and plant / discover /destroy items. I think this Perversion of the Course of Justice is obvious to any Western person, who is not involved in this Sri Lankan / Australian / Singapore / United Kingdom Fraud.

And as a final insult she is asking to take blood continually, and demanding I eat the food. What the f***? She is actually trying to irritate me so that she can prove a point, like many of the retards in Sri Lanka do? Unfortunately I know what PSYOPs are and I never react, unless I want to provide disinformation.

The food actually contained psychotropic medication which I discovered and spat out that very day! I am very sensitive to even Monosodium Glutamate at restaurants in fact – with 10mins I can tell – I get an unusual headache.

The whole plan was to give me Electroconvulsive Therapy – but whilst the fools congratulate each other on their lack of brilliance, it is the brilliant one who identifies them so early on. ‘Trying to convince a Fool that they are Wrong is much harder than convincing a Genius that they are Wrong’. – JSRDS. Perception is confused with Paranoia because the GroupThink decides it to be the case.

Here is another recording of Edward de Saram ‘leaking intent’ – both these fools think I am taking the medication that they have put into the food. Even the way Edward de Saram describes the conversation with me is another fabrication – as I have the recording and did not say most of the things he is alleging.

Even Dr Horadugoda confirmed that I should deal with my parents – so they ARE behind the Fraud. This retard dismisses everything I say just because the amounts are large. Calling me disorganised? Excuse me – my files were perfect before Edward de Saram’s facilitation of the destruction of my evidence.

Edward de Saram effectively states that he has no enquiry – that is yet another lie as everyone who works with him knows. I am a little sick and tired of either hearing that I have no insight , or making things up when I have evidence of Cellular Jammers and GPS Jammers and extremely complex items of evidence that demonstrate what is REALLY going on.

People here are not too dissimilar to Australians in their incredible amounts of expertise for everything under the sun and of course their flawed opinion / logical flaws when they are utterly clueless about Electronic Surveillance from Military and Law Enforcement personnel.

The bottom line is this – despite all this crap, I still managed to get out of the Psychiatric Facility without another doctor’s opinion so it proves that I was fine all along. And finding around 10 terabytes of materials missing including the Ray Callingham HMRC evidence, sums up the actual situation perfectly!


Ray Callingham was pushed by Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram as the person who should provide the book-keeping service in order to regularise our accounts. Additionally he was responsible for the incorporation of three new entities in the UK, that I and other entities could transfer assets to.

I knew from the first trip that he was asking in the capacity of an Agent of Law Enforcement (“LE”) but it did not bother me, as I thought he would actually do some work. I recall he was asking me about various lawyers and banks and it was clear even from then that he was merely asking for my support infrastructure, so that Investigators could make a nuisance of themselves.

Even before he came, him sending me an e-mail telling me where I lived confirmed is LE involvement – often parties get obsessed with documenting names of software, addresses, amounts, urls so that it is confirmed. Praxy de Saram was doing it all the time and it was really irritating.

One thing I noticed that Ray was really annoyed about was that he forgot to bring the HMRC Agent form on the first trip. He made such a fuss about it I wondered what the issue was because there were no sales in the UK or anticipated sales in the foreseeable future. We were in the process of obtaining asset inventories and missing paperwork.

Around November 2015 Ray and Kim Worrall were coming for a longer period, to scan the documentation and then work on them, since Joanne Cochrane and Kalasegaran Genkatharan (who are directors of Rhodium Australia Pty Ltd and Rhodium Singapore Pte Ltd had done f*** all during my heart issues). I was merely putting in money and following their instructions to my detriment – my loan accounts are massive in fact, and I am owed tonnes via my role as Financier!

As Ray did not want to come unless it was Business Class, and I politely declined since Praxy de Saram was paying for the tickets. I recall he was adamant about Business Class. However he suddenly changed his mind and he and Kim were scheduled.

From the moment he came on 28 November 2015, I noticed Electromagnetic Emanation from the pair of them, in particular I thought it was Kim. Kim looked at me intently whilst I was speaking without moving her head, and Ray looked down. This is classic surveillance, in which two people have a conversation but only one looks – they also sit in a non-parallel fashion which caused to me to rotate my head continually. It was painful because of the recent accident.

This is the part where I was talking about ‘Police Informant’ and work in which I ghostwrite Expert Testimony’ and I obviously recognised the surveillance so talked about crap, Iain’s Jones’ case with his bank statements (it reminded me of a project I did):-

and the lights flickered EXACTLY as I predicted when I used keywords. Ray and Kim responded by saying ‘Kim did you see, that, the light flickered’ or words to that effect – classic Police!

Ray then wanted me to sign the Tax form – he wanted me to simply sign it and write nothing else, and he seemed agitated when I wanted to fill even Beeley Hawley on it etc. He continually told me that he would complete the other sections. The conclusion that could be drawn was that he was not the ultimate user of the Authorisation, and it was going to be completed with different information and faxed to third parties in multiple jurisdictions – really not rocket science. If he was the ultimate user he would have already completed the information.

Data Recovery

A few days ago I recovered the Beeley Hawley Audio and Video recordings – another one of those great mysterious of life is how they too have been deleted during Edward de Saram’s clean-up operation.

These audio recordings confirm the [fraudulent] misrepresentations made by Ray ahead of the visits, the deliverables he promised but reneged on, and most importantly confirms lack of a genuine interest to regularise our accounts. A simple Private Prosecution to recover the monies arising from Ray’s fraud would be good 🙂

As the calls went on, it became more of him wanting certain items in a particular order, rather than him doing the work thoroughly and obtaining the items in any event, but merely not in his order…

And today I found the audio recordings of special interest, in which Ray asked me to sign the HMRC Authorisation on 29 November 2015, and I am in in the process of analysing these:-

Ray’s instruction to me is “Don’t date it because if they lose it then I will need to submit another one later on” – excuse me? What utter bullshit! If Ray has to submit another one later on then it would need to be another original. Ray has to submit the original in order for it to be valid so how will not dating it make the slightest bit of difference. Why does Ray think HMRC will lose it, or is it going to be a template with my signature on for every Corporate Entity and Trust, the number yet to be determined!! Seems like the Gift that keeps on giving!

Not wishing me to date it would have given two options of either 28 November 2015 or 29 November 2015, if the audio evidence and discussions from the previous day were going to be used. Classic Police with an HMRC investigation thrown in 🙂

Ray had a bizarre interest in Taxation, Income and Payments, despite the fact that he is not qualified and/or licensed to give Taxation Advice for any of the jurisdictions in question. We had not even started the bookkeeping yet so how is taxation relevant? I had not earned for years so how was Income relevant? It was tiring though I was still polite (very unusual of me) after I cleverly identified his fraud 🙂

So I asked for the forms back, after Ray confirmed that they were effectively obsolete:-

And Ray was reluctant to, saying “Let me copy it as that will give me some information.” What information – the only thing is essentially my signature. Another bullshit excuse since it was he who typed the document and therefore he had his information already. I knew that that the form was going to be amended continually and faxed to third parties!

And of course the existence of a VAT Investigation against me in the late 1990s would allow my enemies to gather information and go on a fishing trip – Margaret Cunniffe is the liar at the heart of all this, obviously, and she does not know the actual position!

So after a while I simply told him that I knew what was going on. His guilty responses and how he subseqently slinked away was funny, but to truly appreciate you really have had to have been there 🙂


The following screenshots were taken in 2014, and demonstrated various Criminal Offences by Margaret Cunniffe and David Brown. Mysteriously this evidence had been wiped from our systems, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone had become a brick during the events of December 2015. This S3 is Rhodium Equipment – the mere fact that the phone was ‘clean’ when provided to me (contacts deleted, sms deleted) and I have subsequently recovered incriminating evidence confirms the Consciousness of Guilt when they wiped it.

However, having recovered the original photos, we see two things:-

(a) they are Direct Evidence of the various Criminal Offences as well as Set-offs in civil cases against them;

(b) they are Circumstantial Evidence in the Destruction of Evidentiary Material / Fraud / Perversion of the Course of Justice cases against them and associated parties 🙂

Deleted Contacts, so we cannot liaise with them re Recovery of Assets

Abuse of Process by David Brown – asking Simon Thompson to put a Caveat on a property of AUD 650,000 despite them concurrently [fraudulently] obtaining Security of Costs for AUD 40,000

David Brown asking for the password for a Rhodium laptop in order to wipe it:-

David Brown instructing Margaret Cunniffe in relation to Criminal Conversion, and desposing of one of Joe’s/RHO’s Assets that they have stolen:-

David Brown instructing Margaret Cunniffe to Convert further Joe assets and place the proceeds into David Brown’s bank account:-

David Brown instructing Margaret Cunniffe to sell VIP Memberships:-

David Brown pleased that Margaret Cunniffe has Converted Joe’s assets into cash at the Pawnbroker:-

378 Chappel Street –

More Destruction of Evidence, this time in relation to an e-mail to Simon Thompson that was sent from the Premium IT account:-

Margaret Cunniffe demand that David Brown make VIP Club Membership sales

Clearly the Psychiatric Scam was absolutely nothing to do with Psychiatry – it was an elaborate fraud by Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram to Pervert the Course of Justice, destroy all my legal cases (defences and counterclaims) and attempt to destroy Rhodium – how absolutely pathetic!

Margaret Cunniffe demand that David Brown make VIP Club Membership sales

Clearly the Psychiatric Scam was absolutely nothing to do with Psychiatry – it was an elaborate fraud by Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram to Pervert the Course of Justice, destroy all my legal cases (defences and counterclaims) and attempt to destroy Rhodium – how absolutely pathetic!

Incapacitating the Victim by Psychological Fraud

I have previously mentioned, the entire Psychiatric Facility Scam fabricated by Edward de Saram, Praxy de Saram, and their co-conspirators was easily detectable and utterly ridiculous.

However, what has not been fully elucidated it what occurred at the early part of the fraud, as in how was I weakened to such an extent and why was the problem of my agitation so compounded towards the end.

This is where I would have normally relied on my evidence and video footage that I had actually made during Ray Callingham’s visit and the ridiculous visit of Edward de Saram. Nothing confirms the state of mind better than video and audio evidence made at the time.

As usual and of course blissfully conveniently, terabytes of data had been wiped, and these were files that were specifically required by me in my defence. To demonstrate that another party, Edward de Saram was responsible for causing psychological harm can be demonstrated by his continually lies and manipulative techniques, and the following video is one of MANY items of evidence I now have.

It is self-explanatory – as usual I do not try to spell everything out – I am used to working with the elite and I will save the hand-holding for the court case..

As can be seen I have detailed recall, and identify the ‘Fake Probable Cause’ issue that this entire case has been tainted with by the investigators – either rooms are ‘secret’ or that there are ‘ssds and hard drives’ etc. Chamaree Silva’s garbage is merely the Construct of Lawyers and it fools no-one except the co-conspirators. Here is another fraud of hers, this time involving SIM cards. This is yet another video that I have recovered!

Earlier that day 04 December 2015, I had specifically told Edward de Saram that there was no reason to wash the sheets – the reason is because I was having an adult sexual relationship with Chamaree Silva and the existence of the same confirms that I am not a Paedophile. There was Forensic Evidence on the sheets obviously and I wanted to cut the sheet and bag it!

Immediately Edward de Saram started the lies about how a conversation the previous day meant that he could wash them today (04 December 2015). He cannot grasp that there was a conversation ‘this morning’ in which I had specifically told him not to, citing the reasons.

Of course he cannot grasp/does not care that him turning up to my house, pulling things and telling me what to do will irritate me no end – he has no idea of boundaries sadly and both parents suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder…

I even told him that the sheets were ‘blue and now they are red’. Edward de Saram despite wanting to appear self-assured asked KSA Perera, (whom the former has paid around LKR 1.3 million to for no reason). Clearly KSA Perera would agree with anyone who gave him money, like many classless Sri Lankans.

Surely if Edward de Saram was so sure why is he even asking the question? As can be heard I am precise and recalling entire segments in detail, of that which has actually occurred. Edward de Saram became confident ONLY AFTER his minion/sycophant agreed with him. I was outnumbered so was restricted in that which I could do, especially I had a serious neck injury at the time and little upper body strength.

When I said ‘I took photos’ the response Edward de Saram gave is ‘you might have taken… but the photos are wrong, because I am absolutely sure… you have got it wrong’. He continued ‘there was no sheet there… for you to sleep we put the new sheet…’

Edward de Saram’s conclusion is then ‘so your camera is lying’. his technique is to respond simply and aggressively to my statements – as soon as I refer to a camera, it is the camera that is accused of lying!

How can someone make such outrageous statements?

Clearly I was so stunned that it actually prevented me from responding – this is the power of Gaslighting.

The fraud he and KSA Perera was running was that pieces of Poisoned Dry Fish were being left around the house at night. The only parties who were in the house was KSA Perera and Edward de Saram ergo they have facilitated it.

Edward de Saram has a history of attempting to kill the pets of Tania and I, as the two recordings demonstrate. The plan was to kill Shihara and cause me psychological harm – it failed miserably because I identified PSYOPs 🙂

Note how Edward de Saram feigns concern into ascertaining how the Dry Fish arrived initially? It was in fact poisoned because I sampled some of it and it gave me a massive headache and caused vomiting afterwards. I have a much larger mass than Shihara!

Discussions with Liars

Edward de Saram is not convincing as a parent who actually cares, moreover he is merely going through the motions which mean nothing in reality. The conversation ends which him stating that he only wants to look into something of his choosing so despite him feigning concern, he has no interest because he knows that he and KSA Perera are responsible. I could see their guilty expressions, and the fact that Edward de Saram lowers his voice when scheming is a classic…

More Evidence of ‘Destruction of Evidence’

To demonstrate that electrical devices had been modified and connected, as well as cables switched and various frauds were occurring, I took copious amounts of photos. Unfortunately they had all been destroyed. Thankfully I have just recovered them 🙂

The sheets were clearly blue and there were clearly body fluids on the sheet – this is yet another example of Destruction of Evidence, packaged as something else by Edward de Saram. He came to Sri Lanka to give Margaret Cunniffe and everyone under the sun some type of defence, though nicely confirmed the nature of the cabal as the parties he defends are the parties who are involved 🙂

Other Evidence Recovered on 17 December 2016

Ray Callingham’s HMRC form, the original which I have which necessitated the Fake Probable Cause:-

Note the photocopy and the original. Note how the photocopy is typed correctly, but the original (which is the one required by HMRC) is not. This was no mistake, Ray is a Fellow of the CAEW, and additionally other recordings with Ray confirm he knew that the original HMRC form was required…

Ray was not happy when I filled in Beeley Hawley & Co myself – he wanted me to leave it blank but signed in full. That in itself demonstrates he was acting as an agent of a third party and not acting in his own capacity.

By way of information, had I allowed Ray to take the form with him, parties would have opened up all Corporate Entities, Trust Structures and essentially anything that I was associated with.

However Ray and the Investigators and/or Police are nothing short of fools, and they need to reappraise their strategy against someone with vastly superior intellect, combined with defence and law enforcement experience!

Most importantly they need to stop Perverting the Course of Justice to achieve their ends, and ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ 🙂

Fake Probable Cause

I like the way that the torch has been positioned along with a note that I deliberately wrote a week or so ago with the words ‘keep these safe’ and had put in my trouser pocket! So the note suddenly appeared on a table with some DVDs, Rhodium Letterheads, passwords, a USB drive as well as a Micro sd card.

I do not even arrange drives like that – it was set up in that way and photographed to try and obtain a search warrant for those items elsewhere – very sad and obviously fraudulent. My stuff EVERYWHERE has been SANITISED so good luck finding anything. If something has been obtained then there is an intelligent explanation that plebians would not be able to elucidate on their own.

Reviewing the EXIF information on those photos will reveal the same time period, as well as the time-stamp may be at night 🙂

Note the photocopy and the original. Note how the photocopy is typed correctly, but the original (which is the one required by HMRC) is not. This was no mistake, Ray is a Fellow of the CAEW, and additionally other recordings with Ray confirm he knew that the original HMRC form was required…

Replacement of Cables

I do not have time to roll my cables like this – in a working environment everything is out and straight, because it is used all the time. These USB cables introduced malware onto our local area networks, and conveniently bypassed hardware firewalls.

I knew about the NSA attacks for years due to my ‘other’ work around 2009 (when I was summoned to the Bahamas for training), and Cottonmouth in particular:-

This video was only released 3 months ago and this type of attack needs an insider and attacker in close proximity. This is how my passwords were continually compromised and systems using decryption keys of 4096 bits were compromised in less than a minute 🙂

BIOS Hacked

As can be seen the BIOS of one of my systems has been modified, and this often leads to spelling mistakes on the display. Commercial Manufacturers do not make these type of errors. What does ‘failly’ mean exactly – it used to say ‘failed’ before December 2015!

IMSI Catchers

The following are screenshots of two of my Samsung SM-A500G mobiles, the Mobile Network Code is 04 and 11 on 21 October 2015. Both of these are non-commercial networks,which are not even listed in Sri Lanka.

It either means a military aspect to this fraudulent bullshit and/or a Foreign Party is involved, typically by the use of a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request. Had they provided the Fake Base Transceiver Stations (IMSI Catchers) then that would explain how I was able to detect non-commercial MNCs.

The Hegelian Dialectic

The Psychiatric Scam is just a charade and is the classic Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis, also known as Problem, Reaction, Solution.

(a) Joe de Saram has evidence which nails everyone, and the perpetrators want it.

(b) Edward de Saram turns up to creates a crisis, thereby removing Joe from his house.

(c) Joe returns to the house and finds the evidence destroyed and the perpetrators have the evidence. However it is sadly (for them) less than 5% – ha ha!)

Even this Attorney could grasp the Psychiatric Scam:-

Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group

This is just the tip of the iceberg sadly, and I can understand what Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are going through. I have extremely robust evidence, dare I say it ‘irrefutable’ and will provide it at the right time in order to collapse the case 🙂


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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More on Gaslighting

Gaslighters deny the truth by conveniently forgetting that which actually transpired to protect themselves, to humiliate their victims and to remove all credibility from their victims.