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ShitLankan Sociopathic Psychiatrists cite Schizophrenia Symptoms √

Published on 1 October 2016

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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UK Consultant Forensic Psychiatrists required URGENTLY

I require the immediate paid consultation of three independent Consultant Forensic Psychiatrists to give medico-legal opinions on my Mental Health, and to analyse the ongoing events by reviewing evidentiary materials rather than fabricated medical reports by Sri Lankan Psychiatrists.

I am explaining these issues ‘warts and all’ so that business colleagues understand what is actually going on and allow me/us the opportunity to ameliorate issues, rather than be goaded into action which will not achieve expedient resolution…


Regrettably my sister Tania de Saram and I are on the receiving end of a well-designed, long-term fraud by Edward de Saram (“EDS”), a Psychiatrist in the UK who is under investigation for malpractice.

Cultural Issues arising between our parents and Tania and I, are being used to propagate every smear campaign under the sun, and everything we are on the receiving end, of are classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder and associated traits.

The fraud is being used to blatantly pervert the course of justice in the present and to incite violence against me by various third parties. I am being branded a psycho suffering from paranoid delusions/hallucinations and schizophrenic. A parallel issue is that I am being accused of being a fraudster deceiving people. I vigorously deny any and all such allegation for reasons obvious enough. If you need to know why then present me with the materials for comment.

All the aspects here I have had to elucidate – no-one has showed me a thing and it seems to be ‘keep things in the shadows and don’t tell Joe so that we can ambush him’

When I correctly identified unlawful surveillance and harassment in Sri Lanka by agents of parties overseas, I was then accused of being mad!

This however, creates a situation that I am unfit for trial and am unable to be held accountable to those who feel that I have ‘deceived’ them. In view of the foregoing the only option is to incite violence against me and for parties to take the law into their own hands.

However, if bystanders get off my case, and allow my intellect to function then there is no reason whatsoever that matters of any kind, such as financial, legal and parental cannot be ameliorated expeditiously 🙂

An interesting situation has been created however – if I am unwell then I am unfit for judicial proceedings and there will be no case. If I am well then my forensic evidence demonstrating fraud by parties associated with prosecutors which destroys the evidentiary chain, will collapse the case!

As such I am saying ‘I am fine and I would like a case please, to put this crap to bed once and for all.’

The bottom line is that I want to be with my sister Tania and need these lies to stop – hence the requirement for Forensic Psychiatrists from the United Kingdom. We need materials reviewed and to establish once and for all that I have mental capacity and that the various frauds being run against me concurrently are exactly that.

I have written some interesting posts on LinkedIn – please review them to have a good background to the issues:-

Australian Fraudsters

We are currently litigating against a pair of fraudsters in Melbourne, Margaret Cunniffe and David Brown, who have filed perjurious affidavits in various judicial proceedings as well as fraudulently obtained judgments against me/Rhodium. We have ongoing matters in the Supreme Court of Victoria in which we are suing them for Injurious Falsehoods and Defamation.

As part of the case they have made certain deliberately false accusations against me. To enable them to pervert the course of justice and give them a pseudo defence they are enlisting parties in Sri Lanka (we know who they are) to follow lawyer’s constructs. The defence they are trying to use (but failing miserably) is the defence of truth. Parties in Sri Lanka and elsewhere are being enticed to produce bogus affidavits which attempt to provide a defence to the foregoing. Subornation of Perjury is also a criminal offence of course.

After a data theft in December 2014, I know various medical reports stating I have schizophrenia produced by EDS in relation to the matters of I Love My Encryption Technology plc (“ILMET” formerly Rhodium plc) have been circulated. However those medical reports were entirely fake and were used by EDS to pervert the course of justice at the time. Parties are then being persuaded to join that bandwagon by the production of various materials which cause parties to align themselves with the lawyer’s construct.

Obtaining Money by Deception

Many parties here were incited into violence against me by Margaret Cunniffe and her agents. There was self-victimisation in which I was portrayed as someone who ‘had no money and had stolen the life savings of David Brown’.

It was a ridiculous situation. First and foremost there are legal and insolvency set-offs which mean that I do not owe David Brown / Margaret Cunniffe any money, thanks to their own unjust enrichment. Secondly the interest calculation on the fraudulently obtained judgment is incorrect because the interest rate he has used comes from an inchoate agreement as well as his own e-mails confirming to me that the agreement was null and void.

The affidavits prepared by McDonald Slater & Lay were deliberate constructs and the audio recordings that I located showed that David Brown had lied all the way through.

In fact it is their Perjurious Affidavits in relation to my unusual defence work and questioning the veracity of Rhodium Australia Pty Ltd’s share capital which is why they are trying their hardest on these matters.

What is going on is obvious to me because of Perception but fools who think they are clever and have not figured this out as easily as I have tarnish my achievements and elucidations as Paranoia.

Witness Credibility

Establishing the types of responses from a subject is an important part of investigation. In the video of Chamaree Silva (“CXS”) I have demonstrated how it is done.

On several occasions I have been asked questions which I have identified as ‘marker’ questions. These questions have special significance and I either provide deliberate disinformation or the correct answer.

Unfortunately, the technique breaks down if the interviewer is expecting a certain answer and I provide it, but their interpretation or conclusion is wrong, or they are comparing it against an incorrect position which they deem is factual.

If the question is not phrased properly (this entire case has been run from Sri Lanka, and they are always misunderstanding that which has been stated because of language and bribery issues) then I can give a factual answer which is still considered incorrect by them.

Basically getting lies in early means that I am continually on the backfoot. A plausible account (which is not factual) will become fact and smear campaigns function in this manner.

An excellent example of this is asking me whether I have had Schizophrenia and/or Electroconvulsive Therapy. The truthful answer is I have not had either, but if I say ‘no’ then the lies of EDS are the benchmark and then I become the liar!

Schizophrenia – how Blatantly Fraudulent Reports have come into Existence

I have never had Schizophrenia or any ‘Schizo-affective’ disorders, period. When my parents are either visiting or communicating with me there is usually some issue or another in Gordon Ramsay style. Tania and I have a bad reaction to their ineptitude and manipulative Narcissistic Personality Disorder issues continually. The topic of Schizophrenia comes up because of a rather interesting situation in which EDS blatantly perverted the course of justice in the early 2000s.

Following the demise of ILMET, as a normal part of enquiries I had to attend for a Public Examination. At the time I was severely depressed because of the articles written about me in Google. My parents did nothing to assist and thereby maintained control over me. It is important to clarify that it was the Google Articles and not any alleged irregularities with ILMET that I was concerned about.

On 31 December 2000 I had become very sad after receiving a nasty e-mail from Margaret Cunniffe. Our family was staying at the Kandalama Hotel. Upon receiving the e-mail I went and confronted EDS and PDS who were in another room. EDS immediately assaulted me because PDS had been exposed as having a conversation with MTC and my parents are co-dependents. It became a serious fight between EDS and I. At one point EDS grabbed a small chest of drawers and tried to smash me over the head with it. He repeatedly hit me in the face whilst two other parties pinned my arms.

My face was bruised and I had broken fingers as well. I went to bed early and I recall that EDS PDS thought that I had tried to commit suicide – as it happens that is not my personality type and they continually make incorrect assessments about me based on their low level conjecture.

The ILMET matters were progressing and I was clearly more depressed after these issues involving my parents. EDS had the fraudulent idea of drafting a document which was dual purpose – (a) the document would place blame squarely on me for the issues at the hotel in which I allegedly assaulted him (a complete lie) and the (b) describing that incident would provide EDS with a specific incident which was outrageous enough to ‘buy more time’.

By way of information EDS is someone who never addresses the issues head-on but prefers to manipulate others or in fact the scenery itself. As everyone know I am someone who will fight any issues in no uncertain terms and really do not care what people think of me – I do not look for or require validation or adulation from third parties.

However, there was a hearing for ILMET scheduled for June 2001 from memory and EDS simply stating a diagnosis of ‘depression’ was not in EDS’ interest. EDS therefore asked various Sri Lankan Psychiatrist colleagues to produce a report stating that I was suffering from depression and/or ‘schizo-affective disorder’. Using that phrase is how the whole ‘schizophrenia theme’ started.

Unfortunately for EDS et al, I did not have schizophrenia, and I had not seen the doctor concerned since around early 2000 (a social setting), and was in Sri Lanka from 24 August 2000. Accordingly I was not examined by the doctor in relation to the production of his report. It was merely a doctor’s construct, akin to a lawyer’s construct.

As part of the fraud EDS then started prescribing me drugs for schizophrenia himself – it was unethical and blatantly fraudulent but it made the situation plausible to onlookers. Prescribing me with drugs that I did not need was actually causing various symptoms of schizophrenia and I was mentally suppressed, fully under the control of EDS and was actually seeing hallucination such as ‘spiders crawling on my body’.

As such it was a self-fulfilling prophecy and the only persons who knew of why the document was produced was Tania and I, who were both being unethically/unlawfully medicated by EDS, leading to loss of our credibility. PDS knew of course but is an agent of EDS.

But conveniently the drugs provided the symptoms and medical reports for the ILMET matter with the UK Department of Trade and Industry. EDS was also worried about that which I would say in the enquiry because it would contradict any of his lies ‘designed to throw me under a bus’ and continued telling me that I was in massive trouble and would go to prison. Given the work I had performed had varying degrees of transactional immunity, I had no concerns because I had to cover for the clients concerned.

I had wanted an independent psychiatric assessment then so I could stop the schizophrenia medication but EDS convinced me and Eversheds that it was not required. The reason is because it would have demonstrated EDS’ perversion of the course of justice and also that I would have been able to say what I had wanted to because the unlawful medication would have stopped!

I have an excellent memory but sometimes I need specific items of documentation to complement the memory, especially of the opposition is relying on documents it is saying it has obtained from me or my locations – which is denied.

After a while EDS began bullying me into taking further drugs and accepting the reports, so as I was genuinely suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder I was unable to refuse EDS’ control. I began suffering from Stockholm Syndrome in which I became willing to go along to prevent the beatings and abuse, and then even wrote e-mails unassisted believing that which I was being told without question. The story ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a classic example of Stockholm Syndrome.

I genuinely believed because of EDS’ representations that there was an issue with me going to the UK and then EDS would point at that my confirmation of his statements and tell them that they were my own. Every time I tried to rebel I was told that I would be ‘cut off’.

By way of information EDS did exactly the same thing with Tania in that he made her feel worthless and then turned up with Prozac which he then used to control her further until she became addicted. In a signature manner EDS told her that she would be cut off if she did not comply.

Sri Lankan cultural issues

Tania and I grew up in the UK and are British to the bone. In the Sri Lankan culture children have to obey parents without question whereas my sister Tania and I have been brought up under the United Kingdom culture, in which there is mutual respect and parents cannot just abuse their children.

To merely argue with parents is the most heinous of crimes so for me to put them in their place, was considered by the populace as utterly disgraceful.

I was residing in Sri Lanka in the early 2000s – as such I was forced to follow the wishes of EDS PDS to the letter otherwise the community would get involved and then do that which they wanted to do to ensure that I ‘complied with my parents and gave them respect’.

Having residing here since 2013 (after EDS caused me to have a heart attack), in the last year the identical problem is escalating again and EDS/PDS are enjoying their new found power in some sick schadenfreude manner.

Gravity of the Situation

Small minds are unable to cope with complex issues that powerful minds can handle. As such it takes less of a problem to have an overwhelming effect for lesser minds.

However, when those lesser minds begin to flap and then feel entitled to control the powerful minds (such as when EDS PDS visit me in Sri Lanka) then it is a very dangerous situation.

What is considered acceptable in Sri Lanka would be blatant fraud in the United Kingdom and developed countries.

Commercial Litigation

Another injurious falsehood is that we sue to make profit – that is a logical fallacy propagated by the very retards we are suing. Legal action occurs so that we are restored to the former position. Legal action is costly and time-consuming but often it is the only way to seek proper redress.

This is the classic theme of the Melbourne Fraudsters who have no cogent Defences so prefer to insult me saying that I am vexatious litigant or my lawyers have left or my evidence of call recording which nails them has been edited, or people do not like me or I am not eating enough vegetables etc!

Both their Original and Amended Defences in the current matter of Defamation and Injurious Falsehoods in the Supreme Court of Victoria and are deficient – hence their need for lawyer’s constructs and theatrics to pervert the course of justice in their favour!

This is where McDonald Slater & Lay (“MSL”) get involved in Subornation of Perjury 🙂

Lack of Insight

As part of the fraud EDS and PDS were continually telling parties that I lacked insight – that conveniently furthered their fraud as I was either mad or lying, and either way should be punished.

Additionally, as I do not speak Sinhala parties would not understand that which I was saying and it would fairly easy for EDS to deliberately mistranslate that which was occurring.

In fact we have audio recordings of EDS manipulating all and sundry into doing his bidding and adding to the environment of me being unreasonable or violent.

Disinformation and Confusion

One aspect which also affects this case is my experience with PSYOPs, also known as .

Tactics intended to manipulate one’s opponents or enemies, such as the dissemination of propaganda or the use of psychological warfare.

It is extremely effective and is very difficult to detect when there are many parties on the bandwagon. After returning to my house after the staged accident (and even before in September 2015 I recall) I deliberately gave the co-residents false information to gauge their reaction. Given the fact that I knew that my house had been rewired with cameras and mics, I was very careful to ensure that every word that I uttered or every action that I performed was controlled.

With PSYOPs ‘you have to give information to get information’ so I lied about various matters of defence and legal cases to see if the respondent (typically Chamaree Silva) would show any response – she did – every time I touched on a target area such as Defence, or Tax, or Margaret Cunniffe / David Brown, or MSL or Singapore, or Cryptographics, or Fraud. You have to let it rip otherwise it looks contrived! If anyone needs clarification on which part is true and which is false then let me know!

I also had to break a few things and cry on cue to help me to establish that was going on and to assess its impact! I was upset sometimes as my neck was broken and my work was suffering, but not to the extent that I portrayed.

Additionally I had to state that there were (a) too many people in Birmingham, (b) Muslims/Jews/Asians are bad (actually I like the Muslim religion and my astute Jewish friends are the ones who taught me in the early days) and complained about everyone in every country under the sun. As such I do apologise to all those people I offended from August 2015 onwards until recently, but I needed to acquire information via signature themes. I now have those!

The same technique I performed on Ray Callingham using the words ‘police informant’ which got the lights to flicker in my house, as well as Australian lawyers and I got their phone to ring in the background! As such I have specific examples of deliberate disinformation and these have been recorded by military intelligence and law enforcement and so their recordings will match mine – unless they have edited theirs which they often do.

Regrettably my parents have been doing the same, and herein lies the problem. Most parties can gather information and there is no real duty of care. Well there would be a duty of care not to harm I suppose, but Caparo Industries plc v Dickman [1990] UKHL 2 is my benchmark.

My lawyers clearly have an established duty of care and I am well aware of the Crime/Fraud Exception (LPP 6.4.5 from memory). But my lawyers are essentially interviewing me in relation to matters which have no bearing on the matter they are dealing with and their are charging for time to discuss areas of defence and tax on behalf of other parties!

The mere fact that they are allowing a conflict to arise and then following the instructions of the other party to my detriment is grotesquely stupid, as I have the recorded calls! Simple voice stress analysis and statement analysis should be sufficient probable cause to then obtain access to communications and e-mails to see who they are communicating with – cause of action, negligence and/or fraud.

Very foolish – so I tell them what they want to hear to get off my case!

Even more dangerous are my parents who have that misguide sense of entitlement and turn up to Sri Lanka to bully me when they are not bullying my sister Tania.

If I can identify that which is occurring around me in such precise fashion, then perhaps then I do have some experience from somewhere that I wish to keep obfuscated – just a thought 🙂


One of the most bizarre accusations against me is the one that I am a paedophile. This is completely nonsensical although I can understand how it has arisen via liars in Sri Lanka.

Around the beginning of November 2015 EDS and PDS were leaving Sri Lanka. CXS escorted them out of the house as I was upstairs. The next thing I heard was CXS banging on the front door loudly. When I opened it she barged me out of the way and then went to her room and started packing her belongings. She told me that EDS has threatened her saying that if she put any more thoughts into my head that he would kill her. I have no idea whether it was true or not because many Sri Lankans are two-faced and extremely good with matters of a theatrical nature.

When I was trying to find out what had happened from her, she pushed me violently and grabbed my neck and managed to break the olecranon process of my left arm. Unfortunately, I did not have muscular strength in my upper body (because of the next injury) and she has very broad well developed musculature in her shoulders.

As strength was not available, I said to her ‘If you do that again then I will f*** Adi and get many men to come and f*** him too’ – it was a psychological attack and caused CXS to immediately release her grip on me. I then managed to wrestle her and pinned her against the wall. I think I said something along the lines of ‘I can break your arm in one go as well, even though I could not because of the C3-C4-C5 neck injury 🙂

In this situation, I was the one on the receiving end and could only use limited force to defend myself. It may sound strange but both Adrian and Francis saw me wincing because of my left arm being damaged subsequently. The attack itself is referenced here. CXS was involved in my neck injury so knew that I had extremely limited upper body strength.

CXS was having a sexual relationship with me (which is odd if she really was concerned about me, or if I actually was a paedophile why would I be having sex with a woman) and every couple of days she would have sex in my bed/or hers. One day I was talking about videos that I had made of myself and asked he if she wanted to see them – they were basically ‘nude selfies’ etc. 

When CXS told me how she had flown to India to meet a man, where she had sex for the first time I told her I had sexual relationships with a 12yr old girl and a 13yr old girl and had started from an early age. I told her that they were when I was 10yrs old onwards at school – as such they are not criminal offences, particularly as both girls made the advances towards me.

As an Asian living in the UK, I developed secondary sexual characteristics and reached puberty much earlier than my male friends, who were far more occupied in chasing round footballs than round breasts. Accordingly, as girls reach puberty earlier than boys I had a unique advantage being there when the girls were interested 🙂

There was another conversation in which I was explaining the concept of an ‘affirmative defence’ and how it is possible to have a truthful position which cannot be proved, which is not affirmative. As an example as stated if someone accused me of being a paedophile I would be unable to demonstrate any evidence in my defence.

However that does not mean that I am a paedophile and I was merely educating CXS from the legal issue that it is difficult to prove a negative statement 🙂


When EDS and PDS visited me towards the end of October for some reason EDS brought various items such as a UK Passport Application, UK Customs and UK Border Control leaflets. There were two or three copies of documents which he placed slowly in various places. Additionally, he brought various items of information in relation to the previous UK matters of 2000. I had not asked me to bring them to me and he placed them downstairs so anyone could access them.

Knowing EDS as I know him, he did so to deliberately waive privilege and to enable other parties in the house to obtain and copy them, and use those items to further cases against me.

December 2015 onwards

One of the days Edward de Saram came to the first floor where I was sitting. He was standing near the staircase and I was at one of the desks facing the front wall. There was a pile of paperwork that had appeared on the left hand desk.

EDS suddenly stated ‘can you see the medical from Gamini Wijesinghe’. I looked and it was not present. By way of information the medical provided by Gamini Wijesinghe is absolutely fake and was a construct provided by EDS.

I looked at him and he motioned to me to nod my head. So I said ‘yes’. Then he stated to me ‘can you look over the balcony below’ so I looked over and saw various paperwork with my ‘City of London Police’ letter in a crate, and it was deliberately made to look visible.

I wondered what was going on and EDS then got angry and raised his arm and indicated something along the lines of ‘the police will arrest you’. So I agreed once more because I knew about the mics but obviously made a note of that which occurred as I do not want to be a party to this actual madness!


In the Asia Pacific region people seem to rely heavily on documents that are produced, rather than analyse in detail what led to the documents’ production. It seems that people prefer to be spoon-fed and told what to do rather than the UK way of working/thinking in terms of having a blank piece of paper and being able to improvise and work in an unstructured environment.

This logic flaw has led to the copious production of various documents which have no basis, and replete with examples of where opinion has been translated into fact. If one person states something false then it is false – if 100 people state it is suddenly becomes true!

This is very easy to detect merely by analysing the communications via e-mail, fax, skype etc, before and after an ‘event’. Defence Lawyers would be requiring everything should matters such as this arise against me!

Challenging the Chain of Custody and Quashing Authorisations for Search Warrants

Challenging the actual materials found is going to be extremely easy, since an examination of the fingerprints on the documents will demonstrate that neither my DNA nor fingerprints are present.

Capturing the fingerprints and obtaining DNA from the materials will be further proof that many parties were involved. Reference sets of all the known conspirators need to be taken and then analysed easily.

Perverting the Course of Justice v4

Perverting the course of justice is an offence committed when a person prevents justice from being served on him/herself or on another party. This post is about the ways in which fraud can occur and how insidiously things can arise there is a...

Aerospace & Defence

This must be the classic area of lies. First and foremost the work that I undertake is very unusual and easy to [deliberately] misinterpret. Secondly the area is extremely complex and thirdly as it it my favourite I do not want anything to affect it.

I have had not income for about 4yrs, thanks to a culmination of frauds against me. Since living in Sri Lanka, parties here have just lied continually and then produced documents and affidavit which do not reflect that which I actually stated.

This is the text of the e-mail to Margaret Cunniffe:-

Dear Chu

I was just going to sleep and realised the date – regardless of the present issues today is Munki & Petal Anniversary. So thank chu for your love and support since 11-02-1998 (5844 days) without which I would have not achieved my cryptographic successes. I am doing incredibly well these days and also I have taught the Little Baby Kitten to sit like meee J.

Hope you like the photos J.

Love Joey Xx and Shihara the LBK Xx

There were photos of Shihara and Margaret. A recent photo of me was this one, and it was put because it was a ‘recent’ photo. Additionally this not linked to the phrase ‘cryptographic successes’ because that context is obviously in relation to ‘love and support from 11-02-1998’.

Conveniently, parties here have obviously stated that I am ‘therefore’ advising the Army – that is nonsense. As it happens I was advising the CID on various of Call Interception and seeing them reasonably regularly until I found my security badge changed colour when I last went to see them.

I was interested in assisting the Army via SIGINT and COMSEC. I was promised the rank of Captain in fact and it would have been an honour to impart my experience.

This call between Bushra Ameer is a succinct explanation of that which actually transpired. Note how I refer to Rohan as a ‘nice guy, speaks very well, intelligent man’ – these is the REAL position as opposed to deliberately disinformation. People need to ask me when I am confirming something truthfully or providing disinformation to analyse a response!

Google Articles

The incorrect Google Articles have conveniently created a platform in which parties think I fled the UK to avoid criminal prosecution, and I am an unsavoury character generally. In Sri Lanka that has translated into me deserving to be punished for stealing money from people – I deny all such allegations and remind them ‘cobbler stick to your shoes. This is classic ultracrepidarianism!

Parties here then align themselves with such flawed reasoning and their own dealings with me get compromised – they cannot identify self-fulfilling prophecies!

Furthermore, it creates the concept that I should be returned to the UK to face some trial or another, and parties take the law into their own hands, which denies natural justice and my fundamental human rights in the process.

Such a fear of the UK is flawed for nine reasons – (a) returning to the UK is no issue for me, since I want to get married and live a normal life (b) any trial would be difficult to commence simply because of the passage of time and three American witnesses in defence that I would have needed to call have died (c) I was not responsible for the delays in relation to schizophrenia since I didn’t have schizophrenia (d) massive amounts of evidence has been destroyed and I have evidence of the destruction of evidence (e) I am not liable for the debts concerned because of toxic assets which I myself was not anticipating (f) I was in fact the largest creditor of ILMET (g) I did not flee the country and was in fact working on a public flotation of ILMET in Sri Lanka which everyone knows but have conveniently forgotten, (h) Linda Duffield, the then British High Commissioner came to my relations’ Gregory’s Road for a private dinner with me and another and I had a long chat with her about my plans and all the nonsense with MI5 in August 2000 and she wanted me to rethink [I think I have the audio recordings]; and (i) should a case be brought I will fight the case on the merits of the case itself.

By way of further information, 3 structures were incorporated from around July 2015 which were to be the new entities of Rhodium Group. I would not have done so and taken steps to quantify asset positions with a view to transferring them to the UK, if there was any danger whatsoever that they would be frozen or confiscated.

In fact given my experience with law enforcement despite everyone telling me it is fake, should assets be frozen then it is no issue for me as an underlying case would not succeed and I would receive an award for costs in my favour as well as my assets back under my control at the right time 🙂

Access to Legal Advice and Court

Given this quite spectacular construct, I am unable to obtain legal counsel because I am either a liar or a psycho. That has facilitated various cases against me and has led to a blatant denial of natural justice.

My lawyers in Australia and Singapore are marking time and acting as gatekeepers. They continually deny me access to the courts and require a burden of proof that is far in excess of that which even the courts require. I have plenty of recordings and evidence in this regard and need sufficient time to provide it.

For some related reason, my lawyers are just not working properly and coming out with various signature theme such as (a) Joe not providing instructions and (b) not paying bills. And questioning the veracity of my evidence. This was not a feature before December 2015 (in particular Ray Callingham’s visit) and it is clear that they are all following a construct, in order to have a common theme.

Additionally the content of the calls has been designed to get information from me, or assess my reaction to certain topics. It is all very foolish and confirms the signature themes.

Simply comparing the previous calls with the current calls and getting court orders is really not that difficult. I have decided to sue them for damages in relation to their handling of my matters.

Evading and Hiding

This is absolutely false and is a lawyer’s construct. People know that I was having multiple mobile phones, live on my own and am very chatty. With people here being incompatible or being part of a GroupThink then I would always be leaving communications channels open with the real world.

One of the issues that I have been facing is the deliberate interception of calls as well as cellular jamming. I identified this and the parties made my life a misery. Additionally we had evidence that information that I am communicating with my lawyers (ie legally privileged) was being provided to other parties. There are a lot of signature events that confirm this as well as forensic information. However this was portrayed as hallucinations which of course it is not.

So at a time when I am trying to rectify matters and be visible my incoming communications are jammed, and mobiles hacked so I don’t use them. That is why I am not working with anyone apart from my sister and taking a lot longer to configure e-mail and customise filters for her.

At present I am having personal safety issues but those are the ones that were caused by EDS PDS in December 2015 – during this entire year I have probably been outside for around 10 days out of 274.

Evidentiary Materials

I am more than happy to provide information for independent scrutiny, but those materials need to be verified properly, not fools following some construct.

Additionally, if parties are simply dismissing everything I am saying, then I need time to produce the items and be provided an opportunity to explain.

I cannot possibly work on the same timescales if my matters are considered fraudulent or I have a substantially higher burden of proof than the opposition.


I have no issues in relation to whichever party bringing cases against me, and I am not someone who gets afraid of difficult situations…

But I need the opportunity to defend myself properly with natural justice and procedural fairness, obtain access to legal advice, share and analyse evidence, need full and frank disclosure, and of course sufficient time to prepare a case that I will be entirely successful in. My matters are complex and need proper explanations.

The Tortious Interference and Injurious Falsehoods need to stop immediately, and proper psychiatric assessments from the UK need to be obtained. I will be suing the perpetrators regardless of any action against me and I will be writing to all courts on Monday morning, advising them of the position.

Actually I have already started transferring assets to the UK as that is my home and I am very familiar with the laws of England and Wales, regardless of what various liars would have you believe…

But I will never agree with Surveillance Laws which impact upon Fundamental Human Rights and am preparing to use an Abacus instead of computer 🙂

PS So if there are matters that need resolving then tell Rhodium so matters can be resolved expediently without wasting time with self-victimisation. E-mails addresses for me will be live after 01 November 2016 as Rhodium matters are being sorted first.


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

Please work with us to resolve outstanding issues, without all the insults – remember we did not start this problem – two fraudsters in Australia did!