Sins of the Father *URGENT*

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Sins of the Father * URGENT * (±x)

Published on 28th August 2016

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

On Thursday 17 December 2015 my residence in Sri Lanka was broken into by Edward Marcion Ranjit de Saram and I was brutally assaulted, forcibly removed from my house without any type of legal process and then incarcerated in some private psychiatric facility he chose for reasons that he fabricated.

It was clearly related to the fraudulent visit of Raymond Callingham only a few days earlier, which did not go quite as Ray expected as I recovered the original HMRC form in the end, and they needed to fake probable cause in a different way.

Despite severe injuries I managed to get a lawyer and Armed Police to rescue me in the early hours of Monday 21 December 2015. However I returned to my residence to find that it had been ransacked, with millions of dollars of data, evidence and equipment missing/modified, together with the rather bizarre planting of various items.

Tania and I will be in touch with Derbyshire Constabulary / South Yorkshire Police and the Serious Fraud Office this week, in relation to commencing criminal action without further delay.

It is our intention to commence a Private Prosecution under section 6(1) of the Prosecution of Offences Act (POA) 1985 in any event and I am briefing Counsel.

Please note that both Edward Marcion Ranjit de Saram and Praxy de Saram are NOT authorised to represent either Tania or I on any matters whatsoever, and your reliance upon representations made by them are entirely at your own risk.

Any previous understanding or agreement whether written, oral or implied are irrevocably revoked.

The website is under construction but there are many interesting items of evidence there right now.


After further issues with Praxy de Saram’s continual lies and provocation over the past few days in Sri Lanka both Tania and myself are now obtaining Violence Restraining Orders against them. Our parents have been warned continually in relation to their outrageous behaviour but they are choosing not to comply with simple instructions.

The latest trigger seems to be the fraudulent use of a previously revoked (revoked in December 2015) Power of Attorney (Tania de Saram was the donor) in relation to an Australian property situated at 100 Fauntleroy Avenue, Ascot, Western Australia, which they are attempting to sell without her authorisation (property value around AUD 700,000).

A further property at 16A Anzac Terrace, Bassendean, Western Australia in which Tania was the co-owner has also been sold below market value using the Power of Attorney, and Tania has not been provided with the proceeds of the sale (property value around AUD 700,000).

Furthermore four properties under A.C.N. 123 116 245 Pty Ltd as Trustee for Alderwood Trust of which Tania and I are the beneficiaries, have also been sold at below market values without providing us with the proceeds of the sales (property value around AUD 1,800,000).

Please do NOT buy into their lies however convincing their self-victimisation story appears to be. You may be presented with compelling evidence and various lengthy documents that they have prepared, but they are subject to legal challenge and are their fabrications designed to propagate their fraud.

We regret resorting to this course of action but unfortunately the continual unlawful behaviour of Edward Marcion Ranjit de Saram and Praxy de Saram, both of 52 Dronfield Road, Eckington, Sheffield S21 4BR, is not something we will tolerate for a second longer.

Tania has my Power of Attorney and I have her Power of Attorney, ALL OTHERS HAVE BEEN REVOKED.


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM